Why Stay Married When Your Spouse Never Seems To Be There For You?

Often, one of the big draws of getting married is knowing that, for the rest of your life, you’re going to have a built in support brand custom eyelashes package. You anticipate that you are always going to have some one who is there to listen, offer you their loving observations, and have your back should things go wrong. Although none of us exactly welcomes life challenges, many of us at least get comfort out of the fact that we aren’t facing this life alone.

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brand custom eyelashes package

Orucc¬†Unfortunately, after you have been married for a while, you can realize that the reality of this brand custom eyelashes package didn’t turn out to be the way that you planned. You look around and you perceive that your spouse doesn’t have your back after all. You feel lonely in your own home. And, at the time when you need them the very most, your spouse may be absent and just not there for you. This can make you wonder what is the point of being married.

Someone might complain: “for the last two years, both of my parents have been chronically ill. I am an only child. If only one of my brand custom eyelashes package were ill, then the other could take care of them. But, I don’t have this luxury because they are both ill at once. So in addition for caring for the family that I live with, I have to care for my parents also. You would think that my husband would feel sympathy for me and try to help in anyway he could. This is what I would do for him. But no, he acts as if this whole thing is inconveniencing him. The other night, the hospital had to call in the middle of the night. I was operating on very sleep to begin with because I’d been there around the clock and then I would come home and try to care for my family. I thought that perhaps my husband would offer to drive me to the hospital since I was so sleep deprived. I thought he would offer to go with me for support. Nope. He sighed as if we were mad that the phone call woke him up. As an afterthought, he called ‘be careful’ as I was leaving. But that’s apparently the best that he could do. That evening, I came home utterly exhausted. I had hoped he might make dinner or order take out, but then he proceeded to remind me that I’d promised to make him a certain meal. Obviously, I hadn’t planned to make the meal, considering the circumstances – and I told him so. He’s never been this selfish before. I don’t get him. I am really hurt about this. But I am more angry. He should be there for me. He should do things to alleviate my pain. Instead, he seems to just pile on. I’m truly starting to wonder why I’m even married. I’ve started thinking that it would work out better if I moved my parents in with us, but I know he will freak out over that. I might just be better of without him. Why stay married if your spouse isn’t there for you?”

I agree that your husband could and should be doing better. Much better. But I’m not entirely sure that you should throw in the towel without trying a few things first – although I admit that this brand custom eyelashes package is certainly not mine. Ultimately, it is your life and you will have to make this call.

Understand That He May Not Know How To Handle This, Though His Intentions Might Be Good: In times of high stress, it’s very common for people to lash out because they are at a loss of how to handle things. I am not making excuses for your husband. But even you said that this behavior wasn’t exactly typical of him before this rough patch. You said that he’s not typically selfish. So, before you just assume that he will never be himself again and accept that your brand custom eyelashes package is broken, I’d suggest considering at least giving him a chance to rectify this.

You might have a conversation like: “honey, I don’t want for this to come out the wrong way. But I would like to ask you for just a little more support. This is a very stressful time for me. It’s not easy at the hospital. And when I come home, I would love just a hug or dinner or something to show me that you want to help me through this. Instead, I sometimes feel like this whole thing is annoying you. I wish we didn’t have this stress. I wish things were wonderful and carefree the way that they used to be. But, I don’t have that luxury right now. I can’t turn my back on my parents. And I’m asking you to support me right now. I love you and I want for you to have my back.”

Don’t Imply That He’s A Bad Husband. Just Try To Inspire Him To Rise To The Occasion: Try to keep your tone gentle. You don’t want to sound accusatory as if you are calling him a bad husband or saying he’s uncaring. You want for your tone to make him feel some empathy so that he will actually want to do better.

brand custom eyelashes package
brand custom eyelashes package

Again, I know it stinks when your spouse isn’t there for you. But before you just give up, give him a chance to do better. Ask him for what you need. Men often don’t know how to help us. They don’t really know how to offer brand custom eyelashes package support. For most of them, this hasn’t ever been their role. So they may need help stepping into those shoes. These feels very awkward to them and so they just retreat. Let him know that you don’t want him to retreat and that you need him. He may just rise to the occasion. And you will have a marriage that is a support system to you instead of another stressor.


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