Growing Eyelashes the Natural Way

Every woman wants to know the secret to growing long thick and beautiful cheap mink lashes. The question most women have is “can it be done?” Can a person realistically grow beautifully long eyelashes? You could possibly ask this question to a hundred women and receive two different answers, some will say yes it is possible and other might differ saying they have tried every product and home remedy under the sun and nothing has worked in regards to helping them achieve supermodel looking eyelashes.

cheap mink lashes
cheap mink lashes

Orucc Rather than taking someone else’s opinion why not discover the answer for yourself by taking on a small project of researching various types or eyelash growth stimulators and then compare them with natural growth stimulators and see the difference with your very own cheap mink lashes. Naturally our hair is intended to grow unless there is some physical or health reasons as to why hair would not naturally grow on a person therefore making the option to stimulate eyelash growth naturally seems like the best solution.

Women all over the world suffer with this frustrating dilemma and eyelash growth obsession. Women have tried numerous home remedies to give Mother Nature a little push to speed up the growth process and now it’s time to weigh in on what those natural home remedies are.

Home Remedies for longer lashes

If you’re tired of waiting and you want to be proactive then you might find one or two of these natural home remedies to do the trick in producing the sexy long cheap mink lashes you have always dreamed of having. The benefit of trying to grow your eyelashes naturally is that the natural way is much more affordable and is said to produce the same results as a cosmetic one.

Remedy #1 – Vaseline, that’s right Vaseline is said to produce eyelash growth. Simply apply it every night to the eyelash brow and leave on for 3-5 minutes and then gently wash off with warm water

Remedy #2 – Olive Oil, the natural oil is to not only grow your cheap mink lashes but condition them as well

Remedy #3 – Coconut Oil, simply apply at night and wash off in the morning

Remedy #4 – Trim your cheap mink lashes , though this might seem counterproductive trimming your eyelashes supposedly increase eyelash growth

Is there something to these four home remedies or are they simply a myth?

cheap mink lashes
cheap mink lashes

Myth or Fact

Guess you will never know till you try it! These solutions work for many women but if you are looking for a sure thing you may want to try an eyelash enhancement product that guarantees longer lashes.


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