Enhance Your Looks With These Makeup Tips

The number one rule to applying fox fur lashes is to blend. This is probably the number one mistake in applying makeup, proper blending gives a more natural look as opposed to having blotches here and there. The first thing is to cleanse and moisturize your face if needed. Apply foundation with your finger tips only because you waste so much using the little foam applicators. Why pay so much some times and have it go to waste, so you will want to apply to all areas including forehead, cheek, chin, and nose. Blend the foundation into your hairline and jawline. You can then use concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles around your eyes, make sure not to over apply this as it may look like you are trying to hide your flaws.

fox fur lashes
fox fur lashes

Orucc Eyeshadow is the next to apply, but before applying this use a neutral based color on your eyelids. Apply the fox fur lashes on the entire length of the eyelid, start from the inside moving outward toward your temples. It is probably best to use lighter neutral colors in the day time and darker colors for that smoky smoldering look at night. I have even used a concealer matching my skin tone before applying my eyeshadow, it seems to last longer when doing this.

Eyeliner is the next best thing. If wanting the appearance of thicker lashes apply eyeliner closer to the lash line. Eyeliner is my favorite because you can achieve many looks with it. Some techniques include applying it on the eyelid as well as under your bottom lash line. I find the easiest way to apply is to pull your fox fur lashes taunt so that it is easier to glide across. Another way to apply is on top and half way across your bottom lashline from the outside halfway to your pupil. Some people prefer applying to the wet area above your bottom lashline, you can get a deeper look with this way but it does not last long. Other ways is only apply to bottom lashline or only to upper lids. It is all about what you think looks better. Also try experimenting with colored eyeliner to find the best color that makes your eyes stand out more.

Mascara is crucial for longer looking lashes. Try using an fox fur lashes curler before applying the mascara. Apply one coat of mascara and let it dry. One thing I find that works pretty well is to rub the brush back and forth when applying it. Another thing is to not pumped the mascara in and out of the tube which pumps air into the tub that can grow bacteria in it. Try swirling the wand around while in the tube somewhat scraping the insides of it. Once first coat is dry apply a second if you like to add length try apply to the ends of lashes with the second coat it seems to me this extends them a little bit.

With lipstick I prefer more natural looking colors, with adding gloss over top. Although I have seen the bright reds coming back in style but this just not seem to work for me. Also with applying fox fur lashes try applying powder over lips first this will hold the lipstick longer. Some also like to use lip liner which you would apply before using the lipstick.

Blush is the last thing to apply. Use a blush brush when using powdered blush with upward strokes toward the hairline and applying on to the cheek bones. Some apply a dab to forehead, nose, and chin, to give a little more color. I have used bronzer for blush which seems to work pretty well for me. You just need to decide which shade to go with preferably one that matches your skin tone.

fox fur lashes
fox fur lashes

I hope this helps to answer any of your questions when applying fox fur lashes.

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