Great Alternatives To Eyelash Extensions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have longer, thicker, and fabulous-looking synthetic mink lashes without wearing eyelash extensions? Then this article may help you to consider the effective ways, not to literally grow eyelashes, but to have long-looking lashes. Despite the hottest new trend of cosmetics today such as using fake eyelashes to look great, going “natural” is still the best.

synthetic mink lashes
synthetic mink lashes

Orucc The first step is by curling your synthetic mink lashes. It is a simple technique which could highlight the beauty of your eyes and make it look wider and brighter. There are different types of eyelash curlers such as plastic curlers, metal curlers, and heated curlers. When used properly, the basic curler will already help you grow eyelashes immediately. Start by positioning the curler on the tip of your eyelashes and press it tightly for a few seconds then release it slowly. You may repeat this method until you achieve your desired look. Instead of buying heated curlers, you may try using your hair dryer by pointing it directly to the clamp before using it which may help you achieve the same effect but in a more practical way.

Another great technique is by using eyelash primer which serves as a base make up that separates, thickens, and lengthens individual synthetic mink lashes. It does not only conditions and strengthens your eyelashes but also creates extraordinary volume and length. This is perfect for those who have short and thin eyelashes. Apply the primer directly to the eyelashes and allow it to dry fully before applying the mascara.

Applying the appropriate eye make-up such as mascara is guaranteed to make your synthetic mink lashes look longer and thicker. There are also different types of mascara which are out in the market such as the regular type, waterproof mascara, lengthening, thickening and curling mascara. The regular type of mascara is great for everyday use. Waterproof mascara is normally used when you are going to the beach or at the gym for it does not run off easily. But it is not safe for regular use for it destroys your lashes and it makes it harder for them to grow back. The best type of mascara would be the lengthening, thickening or curling mascara which could effectively grow eyelashes instantly and contributes to a more dramatic effect. Make sure to apply the mascara after the eyelashes are curled for a perfect look and to prevent any serious damage.

There are different ways to achieve longer and incredible synthetic mink lashes but it all starts with how you take good care of those small fine hairs which protect our eyes. It is important to gently wash your face and make sure to remove all the make-up off before going to bed at night. Make sure to use safe and non-irritating products in cleansing the eye area to prevent any infection since our eyes are very sensitive to dirt or make-up.

Make sure to follow all these instructions and you won’t need to spend that much money on eyelash extensions but instead achieve healthier and natural looking eyelashes with just one snap.

synthetic mink lashes
synthetic mink lashes

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